Health and Safety

At Sip n' Sail Cruises, our guests’ well-being is our number one priority, and recent circumstances have only reinforced and strengthened our commitment to providing the best possible cruise experience from start to finish. We are proud of our excellent safety and sanitation track record and always operate and maintain a rigorous process around cleanliness and hygiene. So, while you can still expect the same high standards and welcoming service, here are the extra steps we are taking to keep everyone healthy.


We ask that guests respect their own personal space and the space of those around them by maintaining adequate space whenever possible. When in lines or while boarding we also ask that guests keep an appropriate distance from the guests in front of you at all times.

~ While cleanliness and maintenance have always been top priorities, guests will now notice even more cleaning and sanitizing of Isle Royale Queen III especially high touch areas, tables, seats and guest bathrooms.  The vessel will be completely sanitized after each cruise and thoroughly deep cleaned every morning.

~All Sip n' Sail crew are wearing masks as part of their required uniform.  Per Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order No. 2020-147, effective July 10 all guests of Sip n' Sail Cruises are required to wear masks 

~Sip n' Sail Cruises will be working diligently this summer to assure that departures are below load capacity, offering an even more comfortable cruise experience.

~Each Sip n' Sail Crew member is completing a good faith health questionnaire at the beginning of every shift to provide critical information in determining symptoms and possible infection.

~Sip n' Sail Cruises has installed hand sanitizer stations at the boarding area and throughout the vessel.

Please remember that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists
in any public place where people gather.  At Sip n' Sail Cruises, we’re working diligently to make constant changes to our operation, continually working to provide a clean environment for our guests.

Passengers uncomfortable with situations where social distancing may not be possible for example when on planes, buses, subways, or ferry boats may want to consider traveling at a later date.

We ask that Sip n' Sail Cruises passengers do their part by following the guidelines below when visiting:

• Should you be displaying symptoms of COVID or known to be COVID positive or should you have been exposed to someone displaying symptoms or someone known to be COVID positive, we ask that you refrain from visiting.
• Please be sure to wash your hands often throughout the day.
• Please be respectful of other passengers and be mindful not only of your personal space but the space of others, keeping reasonable distance whenever possible.
• Please avoid touching unnecessary common objects whenever possible.
• Please note that masks are required per Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order No. 2020-147